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Morocco is a beautiful nation of diversity with a rich social past which makes it the ideal travel destination. Presenting to you a comfortable and modern travel experiences are one of our most important priorities and that is the reason why we persistently try to enhance your experience when you book anything with us.

You can choose from our large range of trips and excursions, or feel free to customize your tour according to your special interests and needs. MoroccoTravelDestinations Agency offers its guests the opportunity to cross the Sahara on a camel, sleep in hotel or camps next to the high sand dunes.

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We organises tours and excursions to the best destinations in Morocco like Marrakech, Fez, Tangier, Casablanca

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Join our Morocco travel blog and discover the best things about Morocco. We post articles about Cities, traditions, deserts, and how to travel to Morocco.

Morocco continues to mix diverse cultures

Owing its ancient name to its geographic location, Morocco, also known as Al Maghreb, meaning “the West” in Arabic, boasts a mix of indigenous Berber, Arab, African and European influences. Situated on the western tip of North Africa and the region’s only monarchy, the kingdom has …

What festivals are celebrated in Morocco?

hile Morocco’s most widely celebrated festivals are Islamic, the focus on food, family and community (plus legendary Moroccan hospitality) makes it easy for anyone to get involved in the celebrations. Just keep in mind that they are based on a lunar calendar, which means the dates change …

Moroccan Crafts and Artisan Techniques

Morocco’s traditional crafts combine influences and elements from a number of different cultures and societies. There are aspects from age-old Berber traditions, Moorish elements from Andalusia, Arab influences, Jewish impacts, and influences from Europe, particularly from nations that once had colonial powers in Morocco such …